Welcome to qua.cx [Quacks]. This is my little website for my community servers that I host. This is just a small community with various things to do.

Created with 🦆 by xjon.me

Global Rules

By joining the qua.cx server you must agree with our following rules. Staff are permitted to take action amongst of those that do not comply. These guidelines go for our Discord server and across all of our services like public forums, minecraft servers, etc.

Keep it clean, safe, and friendly.

  • Try to keep our community somewhat neat and to not ruin it for others trying to participate.
  • Keep advertising to a minimum, social/media and anything minecraft related is fine. No marketing or selling products.
  • Respect one another — this goes for anyone and everyone whether administrators, moderators, helpers, players, etc.
  • Restrict anything of violence, sexual content, harassment, hate speech, illegal and malicious activities.
  • Cheating or abusing exploits is not allowed in any of the servers.
  • Open Survival Rules

  • You are protected and safe in the safehaven.
  • All griefing and PVP is allowed in the main world.
  • Server difficulty is set to medium.
  • Aether Server(s) Rules

  • Griefing and stealing from others is not allowed. PVP is allowed in certain areas. Cheating is not allowed, this includes anything that gives you an advantage such as flying, xraying, abusing exploits and glitches.