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๐Ÿ›’ Open Survival Player Market Opened

The player market has opened on the Open Survival server. Players can now create their own shops and choose what they want to sell and how much they want to buy or sell it for.

๐Ÿƒ Getting Stared

To claim an area for your shop it costs โœช100 (in-game currency), then you can build freely.

๐Ÿช Creating Shops

First, place a chest where you would like the shop to be. Type the /shop command at anytime for the full list of commands in-game.

Firstly, hold the item in your hand that you want to sell. Then. type /shop create [amount] [buy-price] [sell-price] and then right click the chest you want to apply the shop at. Then fill up your stock by placing items in the chest.

Example: This will create a shop with whatever item you are holding in your hand and sell it for โœช100 and buy it from other players for โœช50.

/shop create 64 100 50
/shop create [amount] [buy-price] [sell-price] - Create a shop
/shop remove - Remove a shop
/shop info - Retrieve shop information
/shop limits - View shop limits
/shop open - Open a shop