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🚫 Aether II Highlands Server Closed

The Aether II Highlands server is now closed because of the demanding resources it took to run it and it’s lack of activity and unpopularity. Apologies for the inconvenience to the small few that played on it every so often.

The world file has been made open and public for anyone to download and continue playing offline. You can also host your own server using this world if anyone is interested in keeping it alive.

The world file is rather large keep in mind. It’s about 5 GB compressed, and uncompressing, it’s probably going to be larger (I haven’t looked). If anyone does want to run a server, feel free to contact me Lachney on Discord or Telegram about how to go about that.

This is the last backup of the server’s world since September 29, 2019.

If all the downloads links are broken, please contact me!

Mirror 1: Download from Google Drive

Mirror 2 Download from Mega.NZ