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⚡ 1.14.x Updates - World Wipe Planned Ahead

The lobby server is now on the Minecraft version 1.14.x. All the previous clients can still connect and play on the other servers normally. Expect to see some neat 1.14 content there as well as some more builds and secrets hidden around.

💾 Transfer Builds

This form is to make a request to move your build(s) to a private instance or to simply request the schematic file. https://qua.cx/transfer

🧹 World Wipe

The Open Survival server is still running on Minecraft 1.13.2 that still takes all client versions. However, there is a plan to update the server and wipe the world upon the 1.14.x update. Below, you’ll find a form to make a request to save your build. The plan is to have players request their builds to be saved way ahead of time. Your builds will be saved as schematics and then either transfered to your instance whenever you want or it will be pasted somewhere randomly into the world once the update.

🏠 Private instances will NOT be wiped and will transfer over. Your data is safe there. Player inventories and enderchests will also transfer over.

🔥 What will be lost?

The entire map will reset EXCEPT for the sanctuary (where your instances/plots are). This area will transfer over your protections, inventories, chests, etc. Everything in the Overworld, Nether, and The End will reset for the server update to 1.14.x.

🌌 Why do you have to wipe the world?

Minecraft worlds get very huge in size after a long time of them being used. Currently as this post is written the Open Survival world is now 50.5 GB with limited space and hardware. Also, since we’re updating to a new major version of Minecraft, I would like the players to experience some new content, as well as being able to find those new villages with a fresh new world whilst keeping builds safe and inventories.

💣 When will the server wipe?

October 1, 2019. However, there is a form below you can fill out at any time to request builds to be moved and saved!

💬 Questions are concerns?

Feel free to stop by the Discord server if you have any questions.