Lachney the Duck

Servers hosted by a duck.

This is a small community network server with various things to do. The server always have room to expand as its my personal hobby and project. My goal is to build a nice and friendly community and give those a place to have fun, and meet people and make friends.


🔥 Minecraft 1.16.x Update Plans

The server will be updated to support the latest 1.16.x updates whenever the server software (PaperSpigot) and all the plugins are stable enough to use. On the Open Survival server, the Nether will be reset for those to enjoy the new content there.

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🔨 Extended Server Maintenance

We’re moving to a new dedicated server and it’s taking some time for that to come in. Sorry for all the delays but if you want to come and chill a while, come onto the Discord. I will announce in that server when the server is ready again if you want faster updates then this website I barely update. This needs some work. We’ll get that. :)

🖌️ 1.15.x Updates

Minecraft 1.15.x is now released. The server now supports 1.15.x clients connecting towards it. The server software is still running on Minecraft 1.14.4. With some time, you can expect to see the server software being updated to 1.15.x to have all of the new features of the release. There will be no world wipes.

🖌️ Create a Duck

Hi there! I thought this would be fun to do with the community. The idea with and its community is to let the community make it theirs. For fun, we’re opening up a submission form to submit duck drawings, creations, builds, etc, no matter whether it is big or small, green or yellow, any style you want, any color you want!

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🚫 Aether II Highlands Server Closed

The Aether II Highlands server is now closed because of the demanding resources it took to run it and it’s lack of activity and unpopularity. Apologies for the inconvenience to the small few that played on it every so often.

The world file has been made open and public for anyone to download and continue playing offline. You can also host your own server using this world if anyone is interested in keeping it alive.

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🛒 Open Survival Player Market Opened

The player market has opened on the Open Survival server. Players can now create their own shops and choose what they want to sell and how much they want to buy or sell it for.

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⚡ 1.14.x Updates - World Wipe Planned Ahead

The lobby server is now on the Minecraft version 1.14.x. All the previous clients can still connect and play on the other servers normally. Expect to see some neat 1.14 content there as well as some more builds and secrets hidden around.

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