Welcome to qua.cx [Quacks]. This is my little website for my community servers that I host. This is just a small community with various things to do.

Minecraft Servers

This is a kept up server that is always update to date on latest software. For those who use clients from 1.4.7 - 1.13.2, you are able to join. Offline/cracked players can also join, however you will have to use the registration system and use a username that is not already taken by Mojang. People that own Minecraft skip the login system.

The server is constantly expanding and would love suggestions and such. The goal is to have a continuous server running for a very long time without any loss of data and to have it extremely open for anyone to join and to connect people together!

What is there to do?

There is currently a creative area which is just plots that is protected for you when you claim an area. You are even able to WorldEdit there. You can also expand your plots if you claim another one next to your current one into one big plot. There is an "Open Survival" server for anyone to play. You can create what I call an "instance", that is in a seperate dimension to protect your goods and builds whilst the main world is unprotected.

Finally, there is also a modded server on the network running the Aether Legacy Official Server. I help maintain this project and run the servers. If you want to check it out feel free too.

Unreal Tournament 99 Servers

With the help of a lovely person, we were able to create awesome servers for this game. It is a multi-gamemode which includes NewNet and a MapVote to make the server experience a ton better. Also, we're running our own redirect server which means you'll download the servers' custom content as fast as your internet connection can handle. (Yay for super fast downloads!)

[CSHP] Unreal Multiplayer US | xjon.me | NewNet | Mapvote Multi-gamemode

[CSHP] Unreal Multiplayer Europe | xjon.me | NewNet | Mapvote Multi-gamemode